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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst PC Game Free Download

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst PC Game Free Download

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst PC Game

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Pc Game is an action-adventure platform video game developed by the EA DICE and published by the Electronic Arts. The game was released for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 & Xbox One in June 2016. It is a reboot of 2008’s Mirror’s Edge & revolves around protagonist Faith Connors’s origin & her attempt to overthrow a totalitarian conglomerate of corporations who rule the city of Glass.

The Mirror’s Edge Catalyst received mixed to positive reviews from the critics upon release, with most reviewers praising the free-running gameplay & visuals, but criticizing the story & combat.


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Full Game is a 1st-person action-adventure game in which player takes control of the Faith Connors as she progresses during a futuristic city named Glass. Similar to original Mirror’s Edge, the players traverse the city using aspects of urban exploration & parkour movements to complete missions & evade or fight the enemies. The Players can also make use of environmental objects such as zip-lines & ledges, and equipment including mag rope & disruptor  to travel across the buildings. When the players mark an objective on their map, Faith’s “runner vision” is activated & some scenery items automatically highlight in red. These act as guides to lead the players towards their objective.[ The use of levels & linear gameplay found in the 1st Mirror’s Edge has been replaced with an open world, free-roaming surroundings. This gives the players more freedom in traversal, allowing for the use of numerous paths to reach one’s objective. In addition to campaign’s mission, side activities such as time trials, races & environmental puzzles are featured. Moreover items called GridLeaks can be found across the world that can be collected by the players.

Combat mechanics of game received an overhaul & a fresh combat system was developed as traversal is greatly emphasized in game.  Also, though merely used sparingly in the last game, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has removed the use of the guns by player altogether, focusing on Faith’s running & parkour movements & quick melee-style attacks to take down / evade her enemies. Faith enters in focus mode while she is running. With sufficient focus Faith can evade the bullets from the enemies. According to Sara Jansson, the senior producer of game, the combat & fighting featured is an extension to the game’s movement instead of the separated set. When Faith is performing a finishing move, the game switches to a 3rd-person perspective.

The Mirror’s Edge Catalyst contains numerous multiplayer features, which DICE calls Social Play. While there are no live co-operative multiplayer / side-by-side competitive modes, the game features asynchronous multiplayer in which the player’s actions in game can affect the world for the other players’ games. Among these are Time Trials which, unlike in 2008 game, are not pre-defined by the DICE. Instead, these checkpoint-to-checkpoint paths are set by the player whereby others can race against them at their leisure for the faster times. The Players are also able to place Beat Location Emitters for the other players to track down, an exploration activity similar to the geocaching.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Pc Game Screenshots:Mirror’s Edge Catalyst PC Game

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst PC Game

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Pc Game

Minimum Requirments For Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Pc Game:

  • Operating S: Windows 7 64-Bit (use the latest Service Pack)
  • CPU: At least Intel i3-3250 / AMD FX-6350. …
  • RAM: At least 6 GB.
  • Hard drive: 25 GB At least of free space.
  • Video: Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti At least 2GB or better / AMD Radeon R9 270x or better.
  • Input: Keyboard & mouse, dual analog controller.

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