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Ice Age 1 PC Game Free Download

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Ice Age 1 Game Full Version Free Download

Ice Age 1 PC Game

Ice Age 1 PC Game is a 2002 platform game based on the movie of exactly the same name. This game is developed by Artificial Mind and Movement. Ubi Soft Entertainment published this game and released for the Game Boy Advance.

Ice Age 1 PC Game


A saber-toothed squirrel (known as Scrat) is trying to locate a place to put away his prized acorn. As he tries to stomp it to the bottom, he causes a sizable cr@ck in the ground that stretches for miles and miles and sets off a big avalanche. He just escapes, but finds himself stepped on by a herd of ancient creatures. By migrating south the animals are trying to avoid the ice age. Sid, an awkward ground sloth left behind by his family, decides to go forward by himself but is assaulted by ruining their meal by two Brontops whom he angered. Sid is soon saved by Manfred (“Manny”), an agitated mammoth who fights them off and is heading north. Not desiring to be unprotected and alone, Sid follows Manny. Meanwhile, the leader of a Smilodon pack, Soto, wants revenge on a group of individuals for killing half of his bunch, by eating the chief’s baby son, Roshan, living. For his failure, Diego is sent to locate and retrieve the baby.

Ice Age 1 PC Game

After, Sid and Manny spot his mommy near the lake and Roshan, having survived her drop. The mother only has enough strength to entrust her baby to Manny before she vanishes to the water. With Diego covertly leading them to his bunch for an ambush, the four travel on.

Ice Age 1 PC Game

They reach a cave with several cave paintings made by humans after encountering several misadventures on their way. Later, Sid Manny, Diego and Roshan practically reach their destination—Half-Peak, but fall upon a river of lava. Diego freezes, about to fall to the lava, although Manny and Sid, along with Roshan, make it across safely. Saves him, by falling to the lava himself narrowly missing certain death. The herd takes a break for the night, and his first walking steps are taken by Roshan towards Diego, who begins to change his mind about his assignment.

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Ice Age 1 PC Game Minimum Requirements

  • Windows Xp,8,7,Vista
  • Cpu: 1.8 Ghz
  • Ram: 512Mb
  • Hard: 3.5GB
  • Video Memory: 256MB 3d

Ice Age 1 PC Game Free Download

Not Released for PC Yet. Stay tuned for Future Updates!

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