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Dark Souls 2 Pc Game Free Download Full Version

by Subaat

Dark Souls 2 PC Game Full Download

Dark Souls 2 Pc Game

Dark Soul 2 PC Game is an action play video game. This game was developed by FromSoftware. Their publisher is Bandai Namco Games. This game comes at 3rd number in the main game series. Dark Souls 2 PC Game was made for Microsoft Windows, XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3.

Dark Souls 2 Pc Game

This game has the same universe like the Dark Souls but there is no direct story connection between them. There are dedicated multiplayer servers for the users to give the best experience. The game takes place in the world of Dragnet. As in the earlier games in the series, it again features challenging gameplay, but with a more powerful graphics engine and more advanced AI system.

The video game Dark souls 2 was initially released in March 2014 in some parts of the world. The Microsoft Version was released on April 24, 2014.


Dark Souls 2 PC Game has the same mechanics from its previous version of the souls series. This game is popular for its difficulty. Bosses and standard enemies have potential to kill the player in just a few hits. There is very limited option to recover health with that much powerful enemies that nearly give you time to recover.  In Demon’s Souls, each time upon death, the player’s maximum health is reduced at a certain level. The currency used in the game is called Souls. The currency is used to boost up the points and also for purchasing the items from the shops. Upon loss of life, the player’s complete collection of souls are dropped; the player can get better their dropped souls by returning to the spot where they died, but if they die earlier than choosing them up, the souls are permanently lost.

Dark Souls 2 Pc Game

Multiplayer in dark souls ii makes use of the equal layout as its predecessors; players have the selection among co-operative play in the form of being “summoned” into every other player’s recreation international, or participant as opposed to the player through “invading” other worlds. Each form of multiplayer occurs pseudo-randomly, even though matchmaking formulation are used to pair characters at similar tiers together.

Dark Souls 2 Pc Game

Dark Souls 2 Pc Game System Requirements


  • OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8
  • Processor: AMD Phenom II X2 555 3.2Ghz or Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo E8500 3.17Ghz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT, ATI Radeon HD 5870
  • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Compatible with DirectX 9.0c or higher


  • OS: Windows 7 SP1
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 2100 3.10GHz or AMD A8 3870K 3.0GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 465 or higher, ATI Radeon HD 6870 or higher
  • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Compatible with DirectX 9.0c or higher

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the archive from download link given below.
  2. Right click on the downloaded file and click on “Extract here”.
  3. You need Winrar installed to do it.
  4. If it asks for the password, use thepcgames.net as password.
  5. Once extracted, Double click on the “Setup.exe” to install the game.
  6. Once installed, open the folder named “Redistributables” and install all the setup files from there.
  7. Start the game via game icon.
  8. Enjoy.

Dark Souls 2 PC Game Free Download

File Size: 4.19GB

Password: thepcgames.net

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Harsh June 1, 2017 - 4:37 pm

no download link available

Subaat June 2, 2017 - 3:54 pm

Download link has been updated… Thanks for letting us know 🙂

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i like this game.


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