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All the files that you get on our site are hosted on the highest possible performance dedicated servers that cost us too much already. And upon that, if content thieves and link spammers start spredy those links without our permission, that creates many problems for us as well as for our beloved users like you. We want you to get the fastest possible download link from our site because we do not want to lose you. We love you just as you love thepcgames. We know that your love for thepcgames can not be descrived in words. So keep us supporting by clicking on the facebook like button below.

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Our Server's Features

We only use reliable servers from Dell and HP with high-quality Intel processors. Hard disks are chosen from Wide range of SSDs, SAS and SATA to give the fastest possible speeds for our users. All our file servers are running on very fast and reliable hardware with SSD primary storage. The developer's teams work with us to configure a custom plan if we have special needs such as HIPAA Compliance, PCI compliance, or MS Windows hosting. All of our dedicated file servers include the Cloudflare CDN for enhanced performance and security, as well as built-in local backups, ServerSecure ™ enhanced security, and DDoS attack protection. They also include 24x7 system monitoring and technical support.

Last but not the least, All our servers have highest quality processors which play an important role in server's performance and affect downloading speeds. Because all the files are served from the storage hard drives to the users by these processors. We see many other sites using cheap shared servers tohost their files, that makes their users to wait forever to get teh file they want. Unlike them, we have all enterprise level file servers with turbo charged processors and RAMs installed to give you the best downloading experience.

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