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Call of Duty Finest Hour PC Game

Call of Duty Finest Hour PC Game is a 2004 first-individual shooter computer game. It was discharged for the GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox on 16thNovmber 2004 in North America. It was the main support portion of Call of Duty, created by Spark Unlimited and distributed by Activision. It was followed up by a spin-off, Call of Duty 2: Big Red One, in 2005.

In spite of the fact that it depends on the first Call of Duty establishment for Microsoft Windows, it has a totally unique storyline and goes about as a side-story/extension of the fundamental diversion. In the soul of past Call of Duty amusements, it highlights six entwined stories and fights in light of genuine occasions from the point of view of troopers on every side of the associated crusade (U.S., British, and Soviet).

The game music was created by Michael Giacchino, who beforehand took a shot at the first Call of Duty and the Medal of Honor establishment. Air conditioning/DC vocalist Brian Johnson gives the voice of Sergeant Starkey, one of the British commandos.


In the Soviet crusade, the player first controls Private AleksandrSokolov, who is initially a watchmaker’s student. Sokolov is riding in a wooden paddle boat crossing the River Volga to Stalingrad with different troopers and a commissar amid the center of The Battle of Stalingrad. A Stuka strafes, slaughtering a trooper. Two men then jump off vessel and endeavor to escape however are shot by the commissar (See Order No. 227 – Not One Step Back). The vessel achieves the dock and Sokolov gets off and lines up to get a rifle. Sokolov is given an ammunition cut. In the wake of getting the ammunition cut Sokolov is brought over by Sergeant Oleg Puskov and completes Puskov the trenches while numerous Soviet officers pass on alongside him. Subsequent to enduring the trenches, Sokolov then experiences a little fire battle against a little German constrain positioned at an arsenal. A Soviet warrior is executed and Sokolov takes his Mosin–Nagant rifle. In the wake of taking out the Germans, Sokolov and Sgt. Puskov then enter the arsenal, seeing withdrawing German fighters. In the wake of dispensing with the withdrawing Germans, Sokolov and Sgt. Puskov leave the arsenal and see a vast compel of Soviet troops, most unarmed, keep running in masses towards MG42 fire. Sgt. Puskov tells Sokolov that there is another route around. Subsequent to taking out the German assault rifles, Sgt. Puskov then tells Sokolov that he is astonished that he’s (Sokolov) still alive, assuming that he may have had a great deal of subordinates that only passed on in the wake of going along with him. Sgt. Puskov then leads Sokolov and two other men through a house with German troops.

Subsequent to clearing the working of German officers the other two men then gather an assault rifle and set down shoot on German troops, soon the heavy armament specialist is murdered and Sokolov is requested to take his position and keep on lying down discharge. Some time later Sgt. Puskov is executed by an expert sharpshooter, giving up himself to spare Sokolov. A female Soviet expert rifleman, named Tanya Pavlovna shows up and shoots the German sharpshooter saying that she has “been chasing that mongrel throughout the day”. She sends Sokolov determined to round up companions and take out three pillboxes and lead his confidants to catch a German shelter and bring down the Nazi banner on Mamayev Kurgan slope.

After the mission is finished, Sokolov turns into Pavelovna’s spotter as the two work to annoy the Germans. The diversion then changes over to Pavelovna. In the wake of taking out German squads and a Panzer IV with an assistance from a mine conveying sapper, Pavelovna and Sokolov are then gone by a mad Soviet fighter who lets them know that they require support to keep Germans from invading an old tractor industrial facility used to create Soviet tanks. Pavelovna and Sokolov then take after the trooper and see a German tank take out various Soviet squads. This prompts the squad to utilize the sewage framework to sidestep the German tank just to find that the sewers were not just slithering with Soviet warriors who get isolated from their fundamental gathering yet the sewers were additionally pervaded with Germans watching the range. After at long last escaping the sewers Pavelovna and Sokolov then safeguard the tractor processing plant.

Thereafter, Badanov is included in the Russian ambush on a German landing strip at Tatsinskaya, codenamed Operation Little Saturn. At first the operation was kept mystery yet word got out and the German’s at the landing strip made a distracted departure. In any case, despite the fact that the component of astonishment was lost, “there was still more amusing to be had”, says Nikolai. He battles through the intensely guarded garisson huts and supply zones. Nikolai and other T-34s continue to the airstrip to obliterate German air ship. After decimating the runway they get together with more Soviets to ambush the German headquarter’s aviation authority.

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Call of Duty Finest Hour PC Game ScreenshotsCall of Duty Finest Hour PC Game

Call of Duty Finest Hour PC Game

Call of Duty Finest Hour PC Game



System Requirements For Call of Duty Finest Hour PC Game:

  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or better
  • Member: 6 GB
  • Windows 7/8 compatible with 64 bit version.
  • VGA NVIDIA GeForce, ATI Radeon or better
  • Space required on drive: 40GB

Call of Duty Finest Hour PC Game Free Download

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