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We hope you are enjoying your visit to our gaming portal. Before we share or post any game here on this site, We play ourselves and test for every aspect of it starting from installation to gameplay. Even after that, if someone finds a game iso as corrupted one or the game does not install, then please follow the steps as given below on this page.

As it takes too much of the user’s time to download all those huge game files already, and after that if the game does not run properly or gives errors, It hurts our visitors a lot. We can understand how you may feel facing this issue. So to prevent that from happening, we have written down a complete step by step guide on how you can fix the errors and issues in the games iso or installation.

Why Games give Errors + Solution?

  • Sometimes your antivirus program may block the downloaded files or may detect the exe setup file of a game as a false positive and remove it. To prevent that from happening, Always Keep your anti-virus “disabled” even before you start the download.
  • Some big Games companies also pay the anti-virus program owners to stop these full version PC games from running on your PC to prevent pirated games.

That’s why we recommend you to first disable all antivirus shields and then start the download. You can do so via

  1. Control panel if you have windows defender installed and active.
  2. Taskbar if you are running 3rd party antivirus programs such as Avast, Avira or Mcafee etc.

How to get Fast Download Speeds?

  • We strictly recommend you to download games using Internet Download Manager latest version. Internet Download Manager gives awesome download speeds and also has resume capabilities to download files without any error. That will prevent the downloaded files from being corrupted while downloading.
  • If you use MozillaFirefox as your primary browser then you can also use DownTheAll Addon for Mozilla. It also gives greater speeds with resume capability included too.

Installing the Games:

You will download the games in different formats, Every format has different way to start the installation of game. The information on these formats plus how to use them is as given below.

ZIP/RAR Archives:

  • You must Download and Install Winrar to use this file.
  • Right click on Game .zip or .rar file and choose “Extract Here“.

ISO Image Files:

  • You must Download and Install UltraISO as an alternative to winrar.
  • Right Click on the game setup .ISO file and choose “Mount to Drive” option under UltraISO features.
  • We recommend you to follow above steps exactly as told to prevent corruption of the required game.

How to fix Runtime Errors?

Your pc needs to have all the following tools loaded and installed completely on it to run majority of the pc games that you will download from here. Make sure you have all these, if you do not have them yet then download and install them first.

  • Directx 9.
  • Direct x11.
  • Visual C++ Redist Packages (Install Every 32bit and 64bit Files from this Package).
  • Steam: You will see that the majority of the Pc games require this tool to run smoothly. Install it before downloading any game from ThePcGames.Net site.
  • Origin: This is yet another tool required by the all big games with good graphics. Download and install before installing the actual game on your PC.

Please Note:

If by any chance you still are getting an error on installation or starting up the game even after you have successfully followed every single step mentioned above, Please let us know about the exact issue you are getting via the contact us page or by commenting below this page. Please include the actual game that you wanna install and also the link where on, it is present. We will try our best to help you out with the issue you are facing as soon as possible.



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  1. sahil December 19, 2016 | Reply

    i start download gta 5 repack 31 gb ………… works or not?…………

  2. Aalap December 29, 2016 | Reply

    when i am trying to start the setup of WWE12 it says “File open failed. E:/games/setup/WWE12-Thepcgames_F.bin

  3. Eben February 19, 2017 | Reply

    hi i downloaded Assassin’s Creed but it keeps asking a cd

    • Subaat February 25, 2017 | Reply

      It didnt ask anything on our side..Please try again

      • kaka March 5, 2017 | Reply

        i downloded &inistall call of duty but the single player did not open,it asks me cd -rom

        • Subaat March 8, 2017 | Reply

          The games like this can not be installed directly by single click. You have to mount the setup to CD rom to start the installation. Watch this video to know how to do it correctly.

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